Inside Toronto on G-20Y Summit and Victor Philippenko, ORLE Chairman

Future leaders outline their priorities for upcoming G20 Summit

Recent G-20Y Summit focused on the environment and ecomonic growth

More than 100 young professionals from around the globe recently gathered in downtown Toronto to discuss the link between the global economy and the environment and what they feel should be the priorities discussed at the upcoming G20 Summit.

Called the G-20Y Summit, the inaugural event brought together delegates from the majority of the G20 nations for a five-day conference at the Downtown Eaton Centre Marriott Hotel.

Victor Philippenko is one of those future leaders.

Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia but now living and working in Germany, Philippenko is the president of a NGO called the Organization of Russian Speaking Leaders in Europe.

A member of the G-20Y summit's organizing committee as well as one of its moderators, he has worked in both the renewable (solar) energy sector as well as the financial sector.

"There's really a huge business opportunity in the area of climate and climate change," said Philippenko adding it's inevitable human beings around the globe will be impacted socially, not to mention physically, by climate change.

"Young leaders have a responsibility to come together regardless of their nationality. Governments can't solve climate change alone."

Admitting the economy and the environment are complex and often uncomfortable topics, Philippenko said he stays motivated by remembering that the work he'll do over the course of his lifetime is to ensure his children live in an even better world.

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